About Us

Dr. Webb of Women First, LLC goes out of her way to ensure that patients have access to cutting edge, state-of-the-art gynecological services.

Women First is located in New Iberia with options to deliver at Women and Children's, Lafayette General.

Our team provides healthcare for women through every age and life stage. We provide gynecological exams and help young women learn about screenings, vaccinations and habits for healthy living. For women in their reproductive years, we offer fertility and maternity services. During menopause and after, we're here as well! Women First is not just our name, it's our #1 goal.

Cathy D.

The whole staff is amazing!

Leslie I.

Highly recommend! Finally, a Dr. that listened to me! Best experience ever!

Jennifer K.

Love Dr. Webb and her staff. She is the best at what she does! Keep up the great work Doc!

Jeanne L.

Great people here. I'd follow this practice wherever they moved. Love my doctor!

Donna T.

I've been with Doctor Webb for years, and I love her and her staff. They are so very sweet and loving.

Brigid D.

Love Dr. Webb. I've been a patient for years. Dr. Webb and her staff are very knowledgeable and professional.

Christy C.

Dr. Webb truly loves and cares for everyone! She is the BEST!

Brandi S.

I love Dr. Webb, she is amazing and always does her best to take care of her patients.

Jennie V.

Love Dr. Webb and her staff. They make you feel very special.